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About the Umeed Foundation

Founded in 2005, the Umeed Foundation has been focused on providing opportunities for young adults to participate in health care, disaster relief and volunteering efforts in the South Asian subcontinent. Since its onset, it has been committed to helping the unfortunate victims of the 2005 Earthquake in South Asia, primarily in Pakistan and India. As of date, the area of focus for participants of the Umeed Foundation has been an area bordering both India and Pakistan called Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Volunteer site options for 2008 will include Kashmir, AJK, New Delhi, India and Hyderabad, India.

VolunteersParticipants have come from various professional backgrounds, from medical to education to business, in an effort to improve the living conditions and general quality of life for the victims of the 2005 earthquake. Additionally, many of the victims require continued medical assistance, which has been among the main provisions of the Umeed Foundation, which focuses most of its efforts in Kashmir on local and regional hospitals. Future volunteers will be able to work clinics, medical centers, villages and an orphanage in India.

The sites that Umeed Foundation is currently working with are:

The Umeed Foundation would like to commend Dr. Khalid Qazi and Todd Shea on their endless efforts to better the situation of the Kashmiri population. Such opportunities would not exist without their dedication and hard work.

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